2016 May Primary Election




Strong Communities Are Built By Strong Individuals


America was built on enduring values, and timeless principles. Common sense and personal responsibility are just as important for success today as it was 200 years ago. Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans want freedom of conscience, respect for their religious liberties, and a fair deal. We want to nurture our own dreams, and to experience a meaningful life with people and communities we care about.


While some politicians seek to undermine our heritage, the Republican Party proudly respects our principles and embraces these American ideals. And Washington County Republicans are working hard to empower individuals to build the lives they want, and the communities they desire.


Americans have been told that success depends on an ever growing government. But as one of our volunteers said about his childhood experience with welfare, “I'm grateful for the [government] assistance, but nothing about that system ever helped me gain independence. Today I can contribute to my neighbors and my community, because caring individuals helped me... Big government, top down programs are collectivist in nature, and they don't create community. Strong communities are built by strong, capable, individuals.”


As we implement the changes approved by our Central Committee (the elected Precinct Committee Persons), Washington County Republicans are moving ahead with bold initiatives. Now is the time to get involved, share your ideas, and to jump into the action.


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Email us at 'info@gopwashingtoncounty.org' to inquire about volunteer opportunities.


Washington County Republicans: Strong People, Real Community

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